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How can Hypnotherapy make you lose weight?  This question is frequently asked because many people know hypnosis only from what they have seen on stage or on television shows.

These shows and stage presentations are very entertaining but they do not explain how hypnosis is used in a therapeutic setting.
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Did you know?

There are many factors involved in causation of weight gain, or obesity.   For example did you know that genetics can play a role in obesity?

It may be hard to separate genetics from the home environment but statistics show that a child has:

•10% chance of becoming obese if both parents are of normal weight

•50% chance of becoming obese if one parent is obese and

•80% chance of becoming obese if both parents are obese

These statistics may be overwhelming but it does not mean that the overweight person should feel resigned to remain overweight.

So how does hypnotherapy weight loss help?

A skilled hypnotherapist can help to uncover the psychological, emotional and behavioural drivers that underlie the problem and provide therapy that utilizes the driving force to achieve positive results.

Human behaviour is very complex and eating is not always driven by energy depletion. Desire to eat highly preferred foods may be stimulated even after the person has reached full satiation. For example, dysphoric mood states may be associated with food cravings.

Some individuals don’t simply eat to “make themselves “feel better”, but rather they eat because experiencing negative mood diminishes their conviction that they can control their eating.  The hypnotherapist understands this.

A form of cognitive therapy is the most appropriate treatment for the psychological, emotional and behavioural  aspects of being overweight and for obesity. Hypnotherapy comes under this category. Hypnotherapy can assist by:

· Raising hope and self-esteem

· Moderating eating behaviour

· Changing eating habits

· Diverting attention away from fattening foods

· Reinforcing healthy food choices

· Increasing and reinforcing motivation to exercise

· Altering cognitions and mood states

Hypnotherapy weight loss case study:

The diagram below is from an actual case.  It charts the progress of an overweight client over a period of 15 weeks.  A significant loss of 5 Kg (approximately 11 pounds) was achieved after a few sessions of Hypnotherapy.

This loss shifted the client’s BMI from the Overweight range into the Normal range.  The full case history can be read in The Australian Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Volume 18 Number 2 September 1997.

Graph showing a client’s weight loss success with Hypnotherapy

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