Hypnosis for Insomnia

Insomnia is a prevalent condition in our modern world.  Ask anyone you know and chances are that they have experienced insomnia in one form or another.

Unless there is some underlying medical or physiological cause bed time monologue or “self talk” seems to be the cause of most insomnia.  This self talk has been indirectly categorised under “Typical Bedtime Monologues” by Hadley and Staudacher in their very helpful book “Hypnosis for Change”.  This is what they say; you figure out which category best applies to you.

The Clock Watcher: “Oh no, it’s one thirty in the morning.  I’ve been in bed since eleven o’clock and I still can’t get to sleep.  What can I do?  I won’t be able to work tomorrow.  I’ll look worn out and drained.  I’ll feel terrible. Oh no, now it’s almost two o’clock.  Even if I get to sleep in five minutes I’ll only be able to sleep four hours.  I can’t get by on four hours sleep,”

The Doomsayer: “I can’t sleep and I’m completely miserable. Everything is messed up lately anyway. I can’t seem to make anything work out. Not even getting to sleep. Life is just one negative experience after another. Now insomnia is another punishment I have to endure.”

The Fixer: “I have to figure out a way out of this one or I’m going to be in deep trouble … What if I try to … I’ll say this to him and this is what he’ll say back … Oh there’s no way out and all I can do is go around in circles. What if …”

The majority of work in cases of insomnia has to be done prior to hypnosis being induced.   Resolution is not always achieved by just “implanting” a post hypnotic suggestion that the patient will “sleep like a baby.”  Post hypnotic suggestion for sleep will work better once the underlying causes of the insomnia have been uncovered and dealt with.

Coming soon: Some tips to relieve your insomnia!