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I was a smoker for 25 years up to 1984 then finally stopped!

Knowing that quitting smoking is possible I have helped other people to stop smoking.

You must admit that half a century is a long time over which to learn a lot about the smoking habit, from both my personal experience, my research, and from other people’s experience.

So here are a few of my observations about why some people, including myself at the time, find it so difficult to stop smoking.

1. The belief that it’s “hard” to quit – Many people who have smoked for three or more years find that it’s hard to quit. Smoking has become part of their life routine and they believe they are addicted.

Let’s examine this idea in more detail, I will use Joe Smith as an example:

Joe gets up at 6:45 am because he has to go to work. There’s hardly any time to think!

He heads for the kitchen and turns the kettle on, rushes for the bathroom for a wash, comes back to the kitchen, pours a cup of tea, lights a cigarette and brings the tea and cigarette back into the bedroom.

He takes a sip of tea then puts the cup down on the side table, takes a draw on the cigarette, rests it on the ashtray alongside the cup then begins to get dressed, intermittently taking a sip of tea and a draw on the cigarette.

He has filled his lungs with deadly substances and contaminated the air in the room which he continues to breathe.

It is now 6:53 am. Joe prepares a couple of slices of toast, hastily butters them, pours another cup of tea, hurries down the toast another few gulps of tea, it is now 7:00 am, no time to finish the tea and woosh! he is out the door.

Thankfully the cars starts easily and Joe is on his way, whew! He can “relax”, so he lights another cigarette and starts smoking.  Soon the car is filled with deadly smoke, he starts to cough, realizes the situation so he opens the window and continues to draw on the cigarette.

He gets to work and at the first break grabs a cup of coffee and he’s out on the street drinking his coffee and lighting another cigarette, barely finishes it drops the butt on the ground and tramples it with his book then back inside to work.

Lunchtime is a little better. Joe gets a chance to eat something and drink a cup of tea. Then he is out for another cigarette, or two.

When work is over he is out the door lighting up on the way to his car, and if traffic is heavy he may have smoked three or four cigarettes before arriving home.

More to follow …. keep posted!


Are you an expert at quitting smoking?

Have you given up time and time again?

Is it time for you to stop smoking now, and forever?

What would it be like to never be controlled by cigarettes again, to regain your health and vigour and increase your productiveness?

You will breathe easily, reduce your blood pressure, have more oxygen in your bloodstream, and reduce your chance of heart attack and lung disease.

You will improve your sense of smell and taste, increase your energy levels, slow your ageing process,  be much more healthy, save money,  and no longer smell like a soggy cigarette butt.

And what if stopping smoking is easier than you think?

The First Step in stopping smoking permanently is to decide to stop!

Make the decision and to not go back on the decision.

Therefore your desire to stop must be genuine and not because of external reasons like your partner wants you to quit, or because smokers now have to smoke outside or because you feel smokers are discriminated against.

Although these may be good reasons your reason must come genuinely from within.

Then when you “decide”, it means you “kill” your smoking habit! And once it’s dead that’s it! It’s gone forever.

The Second Step is for you to be open-minded and accept that you can become a non-smoker in just one powerful session with an experienced therapist.

The Third Step to stopping smoking permanently is to fill out the contact form on the home page by clicking here and request an appointment.  Stop smoking hypnotherapy.

Becoming a Non-Smoker has never become so easy!

I have had over 20 years experience in practice as a Clinic Hypnotherapist and spent many of those years in research and extensive study of human mind.

As a result I have acquired the most powerful and most up to date mind technologies available to produce phenomenal results for my clients.

By combining my experience with the most powerful and up to date technologies I enjoy getting the results for my clients!

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Hypnosis For Smoking

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What clients say about hypnosis for smoking:

I’m getting on really well and haven’t needed the patches and handle any thoughts about cigarettes really well.  This is the best I’ve felt about quitting so thank you.”
Brittany – Bondi

” I had stopped smoking previously but kept starting again.  After one session with Alfred I now know I will never start again”
Peter – Coogee

“My husband and I were both smokers, he was worse than me.  I could stop if there were no cigarettes around, but he would go and buy some then I would smoke again too.  We decided to invest in our health and both had hypnotherapy.”
Alana – Wisemans Ferry

“No matter how determined I was, every time I went for drinks with the boys, I would light up again and feel rotten the next day.  Alfred was able to help me break through this pattern”
Alex – Bondi

“I went to Alfred for his knowledge and skills to help me stop smoking.  Every step of the process was challenging for me but with Alfred’s great help and his ability to keep me involved  was inspiring.  I was impressed with his knowledge, sensitivity and professionalism.  The best part of all this I am now a non-smoker and only breathe fresh air!”
Joanna – Randwick

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