About Hypnosis Sydney

From Home Practice to International Recognition. Image of Alfred Bellanti

Hypnosis Sydney is here to provide you with professional hypnotherapy. The founder of Hypnosis Sydney is Alfred Bellanti, who has been practising Hypnotherapy since 1993.

The practice is now again located in a lovely home clinic.

Alfred Bellanti – Clinical Hypnotherapist

 Alfred’s background is in Science, having graduated form the    University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Science in 1987 and then from the University of New England with a Graduate Diploma in Social Science in 1993. The same year he also graduated from the NSW School of Hypnotic Sciences with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

In 1995 Alfred obtained a Diploma of Counselling Skills from the NSW College of Behavioural Sciences and in 1996 he obtained Certification as Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis.

However it did not stop there. Alfred also obtained Practitioner and Master Practitioner status in Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

The learning never stopped, and Alfred continually attended workshops, seminars and hypnosis conventions to gain more knowledge and techniques with which to help his clients.

Most recently Alfred was awarded two certificates through the American Board of Medical and Clinical Hypnotherapy for successfully completing study of Medical Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Anesthesia Pain Control.

What does it take to be recognised in this realm Hypnosis?  The realm of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy has its number of notables. Who, for instance hasn’t heard of Franz Mesmer, Jean Charcot, James Braid and Sigmund Freud?

Those of you Sydneysiders may be more familiar with such names as Zoltan Kelleman, Peter Ramster, and Leslie Bullock, all legends of their time. Across the Pacific we have Dr Milton Erickson, Gil Boyne, Cal Banyan, Ernest Rossi, Richard Nongard.

Together with such great predecessors and formidable teachers how can Alfred, founder of Hypnosis Sydney fail to provide the most wholesome and thorough service in the field of Clinical Hypnosis.

Alfred has always believed that the service is greater than the man, and rarely boasts of his achievements. He quietly satisfies the needs of his clients. They come, they receive therapy and move on, enriched by the experience.